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Icelandic Sheep

  • Currently 7 ram lambs and 5 ewe lambs available.
  • Other proud moms are Laika, Lily, Margret and Kalipso. See more photos at Photo Gallery Nursery.
Leika's lambs  Lily's lamb  Margret and Lambs

Natalia and her lamb
Natalia and her ram lamb

Dairy Sheep

  • This spring we have 5 ram lambs and 3 ewe lambs.
  • Click on images for larger views.

2 white Lacaune lambs   Black & White lambs  Lacaune Lamb
two black lambs

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

  • Dairy goats increased the milking queue to six.
    The doelings will be bred in 2018.
  • Luna was the only doeling in Isabelle's litter of five.
  • Julissa is Lola's doeling.
  • Doelings, bucklings, and wethers available in the spring.
  • Two bucks are available for lease year round.
  Julissa Luna

baby goat kids in feeder

Luna and Julissa (above left) joined Isabelle, Lola, and Trixie who once again were excellent milk producers.

  • Ruby was not bred until fall of 2017.
  • Precious did not kid.
  • There were two breeding groups this year - half  with Rocky and half with Fireball.

Above photos clockwise from upper left: Lola & Isa, Scott & Trixie, Rocky, Precious, Ruby and Fireball.

After ongoing projects were completed, pastures were overseeded and new pastures were established to meet the needs of the growing sheep flock and goat herd. A new barn was built to house the dairy sheep and the Icelandics who are “experienced moms.” The photo shows Roo, the Icelandic rooster, in one of his favorite perch positions looking down the alley that joins many of the pastures. The new barn is to the left.

pictures of alley, rooster and dairy sheep

Above L to R: Roo the Rooster, Molly, Monique, Naomi, and sheep walking in the alley.

See more Mom & Baby photos on the Photo Gallery Nursery pages.