Mothers, Kids and Lambs
These photos were taken in the Spring of 2017. At last count we have 20 babies!
Also see more photos on the For Sale page.
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Photo Gallery Nursery
Mom with 2 lambs
Molly and her lambs

Dairy sheep mother and lambs
Mallory and her lambs

Goats in the barn
Isa and 5 kids

Baby goat drinks from pail
Black & white goat kid

Margret's ram and ewe lamb
Margret's ram and ewe lambs

Lambs by a log
Laika's ewe and ram lambs
Lily's ram lambs
Lily's ram lambs

Nina and her ewe lamb

Noni's lamb
Noni's ram lamb

Naomi's lambsNaomi's lambs
Calypso and lambs feeding
Kalipso's ewe lamb and ram lamb feeding