Welcome to the Farm of Beauty Goats and Sheep!

My farm is located in Lodi, Wisconsin surrounded by the gentle hills of the Ice Age Trail which marks the termination of glacial activity in Wisconsin millions of years ago. Farm preservation land, currently planted in corn and alfalfa, surrounds the pastures.

I breed and sell registered Icelandic sheep, dairy sheep, and registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.

Icelandic Sheep Dairy sheep Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats



Fall is time for shearing the Icelandic sheep, winterizing the barns, preparing the pastures for kidding and lambing, and putting the goat and sheep breeding groups together.

Goats and Kids

Once again, the 5 older does produced a lot of excellent milk for drinking, cheesemaking, and churning into ice cream.  Two yearling does joined the breeding groups this year.  Trixie had quads this spring.  Her 3 doelings-Snowy, the leader of the pack born all white and now with some faint tan patches on her body; Vanessa, a tan color with blue eyes; and Milky who is dark brown with white spots-were added to the herd.  Spaghetti, Lola’s blue eyed beauty who is half black/half brown, joined the 3.  Rocky and Fireball continued to do their job as well mannered bucks.  Fireball got into some tasty burdock when he was breeding and will need to have his beard dematted when breeding season ends.

The photos show the gorgeous diversity of the goat colors (as seen with some of the sheep) and Rocky and Fireball enjoying some of the last warm days before winter.

Top Row: Rocky and Fireball. Second row L to R: Ewes Natalia, Nott, and Rada. LoLo bottom right ewe.

For more Fall 2018 News and photos, see the Ewes, Lamb & Rams page.

2017 News - We've grown!

More livestock, new pastures, yarns and more.  2017 lambs and kids were all sold.  The Farm of Beauty added four new breeding rams.  Nadil is a 75% Awassi dairy ram, unique for his long horns and fat tail which are adaptive mechanisms for the arid middle east which is the region of origin for this breed.   Loki is a black gray ram; Dominik is phaeomelanin.  Both were bred at farms that consistently receive awards at regional fiber festivals.  Nels, a spotted ram with a cream colored fleece was obtained from a farm notable for parasite resistance.

They join the almost 3 year old East Friesian ram Marvin who now weighs about 250 pounds and wethers Miles and Lennon also nearly 3.

The breeding ewes were shuffled to diversify fleece colors and to continue to build a flock of milky ewes.  Margret who had a solid moorit and a black  and white spotted ram last year and Nancy a yearling with exceptional parasite resistance (never treated!) were sold as part of a starter flock.  The farm added two 2 year olds- a homozygous gray ewe (Juanita) and a white (cream color) ewe (Crystal),  Aurora, a black mouflon yearling (Dominik’s twin) and her carbon copy lamb Portia, and Oslo, a parasite resistant homozygous gray ewe lamb that was acquired in a swap.

The ewes and lambs join 3 yearling ewes , (Ny, Nott, and Njala), who will be bred for the first time,  3 yearling ewes who were bred in 2016, (Natalia, Noni, and Nina),  and 3 older ewes , (Kalipso, Leaka, and Lily).

The Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats increased the milking queue to 6.   Luna was the only doeling in Isabelle’s litter of 5.  Lola had a twin pregnancy, a stillborn and Julissa.

breeding rams

Clockwise from top left: Nadil, Loki, Nels and Dominik. They join the almost 4-year-old East Friesian ram Marvin who now weighs about 250 lbs., and wethers Miles and Lennon, also nearly 4 years old.

Above: Marvin, Miles and Lennon

I am a proud member of the following organizations:
ISBONA (Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America), Canadian Livestock Records Corporation, American Dairy Goat Association, Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association, and Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative.

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