Fall 2018


Fall is time for shearing the Icelandic sheep, winterizing the barns, preparing the pastures for kidding and lambing, and putting the goat and sheep breeding groups together.

Goats and Kids

Once again, the 5 older does produced a lot of excellent milk for drinking, cheesemaking, and churning into ice cream.  Two yearling does joined the breeding groups this year.  Trixie had quads this spring.  Her 3 doelings-Snowy, the leader of the pack born all white and now with some faint tan patches on her body; Vanessa, a tan color with blue eyes; and Milky who is dark brown with white spots-were added to the herd.  Spaghetti, Lola’s blue eyed beauty who is half black/half brown, joined the 3.  Rocky and Fireball continued to do their job as well mannered bucks.  Fireball got into some tasty burdock when he was breeding and will need to have his beard dematted when breeding season ends.

 The photos show the gorgeous diversity of the goat colors (as seen with some of the sheep) and Rocky and Fireball enjoying some of the last warm days before winter. 

Left to Right: Rocky, Fireball; ewes Natalia, Nott, and Rada. 

Bottom Right:  LoLo the ewe. 

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