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Please email for availability.  Discounts offered for multiple purchases.

New in 2018 and 2019

 Icelandic roving and craft yarn are now available.  The roving is excellent for hand spinning but may also be used for crafts or felting.   Based on the popularity of roving, more colors were added in 2019.  Icelandic sheep roving is used for spinning, felting and crafts.    

The tan craft yarn is core spun and may be used for weaving or crafts such as doll’s hair.   Also new for 2019 is bulky yarn, perfect for outerwear and blankets. 

New for 2018, aran weight yarn perfect for winter outerwear (shown in solid, bicolor and tricolor variations) is generally available in several solid colors (not pictured), reflecting the natural colors of the sheep at the time of shearing.  Additional weight yarns and some dyed yarn is also available through the Etsy website: farmofbeautysheep.

Raw fleeces may be available after fall and spring shearing.  Email me for availability.

History of Farm of Beauty Goats and Sheep

  Several years before my retirement, I decided to buy a small farm to raise sheep.  Based on the hardiness and diverse potential of Icelandic sheep, in Fall 2014 I purchased a small starter flock and undertook the challenge to start the Farm of Beauty.  With the assistance of my son, I started the long process of making an old unused farm turned rural residence into pasture, fencing, barns and all else that was needed to start the process. Two yearling Nigerian Dwarf goats were soon added for milk and other dairy products.  The Farm of Beauty became The Farm of Beauty Goats and Sheep.   

In spring 2015 when the lambs and kids were born, I started milking my ewes with the goats and soon was making both sheep and goat cheese.  A dozen layer hens completed the starter farm.  By late summer, I started to build a small flock of mixed variety dairy sheep.  Dairy sheep have no registry with standards elevated by milk production and because of inbreeding they are more susceptible to medical issues that might not be of great concern in other breeds.  The dairy sheep were chosen for good genetics and hardiness in the Wisconsin area.  

Dairy sheep may be used for meat and fiber but for me primarily complement the Icelandic fleece and yarns that I sell.   In summer 2016, I added two star milker bucks that have high dairy goat association standards.  In three years, I reached my goal of 25-35 sheep and goats which are raised naturally and holistically.  Last fall (2017), I offered unsold rams for lamb meat taking full advantage of the triple breed potential of the Icelandic sheep. 

You are invited to enjoy the 2017 and 2018 bundles of joy on my website.  In addition to single animal sales, I am able to put together a starter flock and offer discounts for multiple purchases.

Scott and Barbara
Scott and Barbara