For Sale Page

There are no sheep or goats for sale currently.

2019 kids were all sold before kidding.  7 does are breeding in 2019 with kidding anticipated in late February - early March, 2020.  Reservations are accepted with 50% deposit, price dependent on number and sex purchased.  Photos show most of the 2019 kids shortly after birth and some of the kids with the does in the early spring.

Icelandic Sheep

Most of the 2019 lambs were also sold.  The visually impaired ewe lamb will remain at the farm.  A second ewe lamb acquired in a swap will also remain at the farm.  There was a single unsold ram lamb, Quimby (a wether).  See Photo Gallery 2019 for Sheep Families and Lambs.

Ewes, Lambs & Rams

In 2019, 13 mature ewes and 2 ewe lambs fill two barns - the main barn that is shared with the goats and which is also used for hay and straw storage and supplies, and an adjacent dairy barn which has extra pens for lambs and an additional milking area for easy access during the lactation period.

Dairy Ewes

Although 2 of our 3 dairy ewes are now sold, they supplied plenty of fresh, rich milk for cream and cheeses and for freezing during the prior year.  Their natural colored fleece also contributed to our yarn pool.


Three well-mannered Icelandic rams and two Icelandic wethers complete the flock.  Quimby, a castrated ram lamb (wether) is currently available as a pet/fiber buddy.  Photos show the rams anxious to run for pasture and hay after being cooped up for shearing.